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  • Monodromy — In mathematics, monodromy is the study of how objects from mathematical analysis, algebraic topology and algebraic and differential geometry behave as they run round a singularity. As the name implies, the fundamental meaning of monodromy comes… …   Wikipedia

  • Monodromy theorem — Illustration of analytic continuation along a curve (only a finite number of the disks Ut are shown) …   Wikipedia

  • Monodromy matrix — In mathematics, and particularly ordinary differential equations, a monodromy matrix is the inverse of the fundamental matrix of a system of ODEs evaluated at zero times the fundamental matrix evaluated at the period of the coefficients of the… …   Wikipedia

  • monodromy — noun The globalization of local morphisms in category theory …   Wiktionary

  • monodromy — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Iterated monodromy group — In geometric group theory and dynamical systems the iterated monodromy group of a covering map is a group describing the monodromy action of the fundamental group on all iterations of the covering. It encodes the combinatorics and symbolic… …   Wikipedia

  • Isomonodromic deformation — In mathematics, the equations governing the isomonodromic deformation of meromorphic linear systems of ordinary differential equations are, in a fairly precise sense, the most fundamental exact nonlinear differential equations. As a result, their …   Wikipedia

  • Hypergeometric differential equation — In mathematics, the hypergeometric differential equation is a second order linear ordinary differential equation (ODE) whose solutions are given by the classical hypergeometric series. Every second order linear ODE with three regular singular… …   Wikipedia

  • Hilbert's twenty-first problem — For Riemann Hilbert factorization problems on the complex plane see Riemann Hilbert. The twenty first problem of the 23 Hilbert problems, from the celebrated list put forth in 1900 by David Hilbert, was phrased like this (English translation from …   Wikipedia

  • Polylogarithm — Not to be confused with polylogarithmic. In mathematics, the polylogarithm (also known as Jonquière s function) is a special function Lis(z) that is defined by the infinite sum, or power series: It is in general not an elementary function, unlike …   Wikipedia

  • Braid group — In mathematics, the braid group on n strands, denoted by B n , is a certain group which has an intuitive geometrical representation, and in a sense generalizes the symmetric group S n . Here, n is a natural number; if n gt; 1, then B n is an… …   Wikipedia

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